Brandon Spahn | About Me
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About Me

I am a twenty-four year old designer based out of Bloomington, IN. Illustration and design has been my passion for eleven years, starting when I was twelve years old. I strive to learn new design techniques, concepts, and practices every day. I have had the opportunity to work with clients such as Bleacher Report, Indiana University, Gainlight, Net Irrigate, Design by Humans, and Cook Medical. My unique illustration style has garnered attention from magazines such as Photoshop Creative, Tuts+, and Digital Arts UK.  





Art is what started my love with digital design. I have always sought for a medium to communicate my ideas, and I find the best way to do that is digitally. I work in two main styles, matte painting and photomanipulation. My goal is to create artwork that inspires and invokes creativity in other people.


Music inspires me more than anything else. I illustrate my favorite artists. I have done over fifteen hip hop illustrations in the past three years, and I will continue to do more. One of my projects, a hip hop card deck, has garnered attention from blogs and social media outlets across the internet. You can check it out on my portfolio page.


Designing for athletics is my main passion. The ability to capture and display the raw emotions of athletes is something that I love doing. I have had the opportunity to work with Indiana University Athletics creating social media campaigns as well as recruitment graphics. I have also worked with Bleacher Report on a project for David Beckham.